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Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any time and can alter life

Holidays are often the times when people travel to get together with friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, serious motor vehicle accidents can occur at pretty much any time or place. Recently, a horrific crash took the lives of two drivers and injured several others in New Jersey.

According to the report, the early morning crash occurred on Easter morning shortly after 2 a.m. It was apparently caused by a 51-year-old driver who turned onto a local route. However, the man was headed the wrong way on the road. His vehicle then smashed head long into an oncoming vehicle that was driven by a 31-year-old man.

New Jersey motor vehicle accidents take heavy toll on families

Every day, thousands of New Jersey residents commute back and forth to work, run errands and go about the daily business of living. However, though the majority of people will arrive at their destinations without incident, the danger posed by motor vehicle accidents is real. When these wrecks are fatal, the toll they take on families is often beyond comprehension.

One such accident occurred in the early evening of a recent Thursday. Police and emergency crews responded to the scene of a two-vehicle wreck along a local road. A 23-year-old man was driving his heavy duty pickup truck around a bend in the road when he reportedly lost control of his vehicle. It crossed onto the opposing lane and struck an SUV head on.

New Jersey men arrested and charged with several drug crimes

New Jersey officials conducted a raid of a local home in Paulsboro shortly after dawn recently. Law enforcement from three branches, including an emergency response crew, converged on the home and arrested two men for various drug crimes. One man was taken into custody and the other man was processed and released.

Police say they found a quantity of marijuana in the residence that would support a charge of drug distribution. They also allegedly found a weapon in the home. A 25-year-old man was taken into custody and charged with various crimes, including distribution of an illegal substance, distribution within a designated school area, and having drug-related implements. He was also charged with having a weapon.

NJ motor vehicle accidents: Engaged couple among victims

According to family sources, a couple who was planning to marry next month will never get the opportunity to celebrate that April wedding. The woman has become the latest victim of fatal New Jersey motor vehicle accidents. In total, six vehicles were caught up in the deadly collision.

The report stated that the vehicle carrying the engaged couple was traveling down a local road when an SUV headed south struck them. The impact killed the 39-year-old woman. Her 42-year-old fiance was critically injured in the wreck. Family stated that he will have an extended recovery ahead of him provided he survives his wounds.

New Jersey traffic stop ends in 3 charged with drug crimes

Getting stopped by police officers for alleged traffic violations usually results in minor irritation for the driver. However, at times, a more serious outcome results and a driver or passenger may find him or herself facing charges related to alleged drug crimes. Recently, three New Jersey residents found themselves facing this situation.

According to police, the driver of a vehicle was stopped for what was listed as an equipment offense, though the nature of the stop was not disclosed. As the officer was conducting the traffic stop, a canine reportedly trained to detect illegal substances alerted officials that the vehicle contained such substances. Officers then carried out a search of the car and purportedly discovered a quantity of marijuana and other objects typically associated with said drugs.

New Jersey motor vehicle accidents result in costly injuries

The simplest decisions can often have life-altering consequences. The choices made by others can also leave one's family changed forever. One example is the impact that motor vehicle accidents can have on the lives of New Jersey families and the heavy toll that injuries can carry -- both physically and monetarily.

This point was recently illustrated when a New Jersey couple were out for a bicycle ride. According to police accounts, the pair were riding their bikes along the shoulder of a roadway. A passenger vehicle driven by a 41-year-old man somehow then collided with both bicyclists. The 57-year-old wife was reportedly thrown back onto the windshield of the car. Both victims were flown to a nearby medical facility.

New Jersey has premises liability laws to help dog bite victims

Americans have a love affair with their pets. However, there are times when man's best friend can take a big bite out of people and premises liability insurance coverage. These attacks often leave victims with both physical and emotional scars that may never completely heal. New Jersey does have laws that allow victims to seek financial relief from owners in these circumstances.

According to an organization that keeps track of dog attacks, the cost to insurance carriers has climbed astronomically. From 2003 to 2015, the average amount to cover a dog bite incident has increased an estimated 94 percent. The cost in human terms may be incalculable. A person who has been attacked and requires inpatient care can expect a minimum of three days in the hospital.

Simple vs. aggravated assault in New Jersey

One of the main reasons for having a system of laws is to make sure that citizens can feel safe and secure. Knowing that there are penalties for actions that put others at risk will often prevent people from behaving dangerously and will make others feel more confident in their safety.

However, having laws against certain actions is no guarantee that they will not happen. This is often the case with assault. There are many different things that can be considered assault and there are penalties for all of them. Before you can understand the penalties, you have to know what the different types of assault are.

Possession and sale of heroin under New Jersey drug crimes law

Over the past several years, the number of deaths related to the use of heroin have skyrocketed throughout the nation. New Jersey is no exception. Every state has laws that prohibit the possession and sale of illegal narcotics, but New Jersey has addressed the possession and sale of heroin specifically as part of its drug crimes law. 

The use and sale of heroin is regarded as both a state and federal crime, and the potential federal punishments increase in severity with each subsequent charge. A first time offender is fined a minimum $1,000. She or he may also be given a 52 week sentence in jail. If a person is convicted a second time, the resulting penalty is approximately $2,500 and a sentence of up to 24 months in jail. A third conviction results in a penalty of a minimum of three months and up to 36 months in jail and a $5,000 fine.

New Jersey motor vehicle accidents: 61-year-old man killed

Most New Jersey residents likely give little or no thought to what could happen when they make the decision to go out to run errands or travel to and fro to work. Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents often occur with no warning and little time to react. One such crash recently claimed yet another victim.

The crash happened along a local New Jersey route on a weekday evening. Police reported that two vehicles were involved in the fatal wreck and that a 61-year-old man was the only fatality. According to the report, the man was operating his car in the north hand lane when a 35-year-old woman driving a car traveling in the opposite direction inexplicably swerved into the wrong lane.


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